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Get Best 3D Video Player Software for 3D Movie Playing


Sometimes you may download or receive a few 3D movies. But if you want to watch 3D movies through your computer, you may need a 3D Video player software. Below article has listed 5 top 3D video players for you, which can easily play 3D movies and also some common 2d formats on Windows&Mac. Let's find out.

Part I: Preparation to watch 3D movies:

1: Anaglyph Red and Blue 3D Glasses

2: A computer with 3D capable video-card and/or 3D capable monitor

3: A licence of best 3D Video Player software

Part II: Top 5 Best 3D Player Software List

Top 1. Brorsoft 8K Video Player

Brorsoft 8K Video Player (Mac version) is the world's leading Blu-ray, 3D & HD media player which delivers spectacular 3D experience combined with a slick performance. It fully supports Blu-ray/DVD discs, upscale standard definition content, plays just about any other type of video include YouTube and Facebook, and even supports audio playback .etc.

Main features of Brorsoft 8K Video Player:

arrow 4K/5K/8K/Ultra HD&1080P Support with 2D/3D Effect
arrow Record and Save Screen Videos
arrow Take Snapshot for Video Scenes
arrow Add a Bookmark for Movie Plans
arrow Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD Advanced Audio Decoding Technology
arrow Video,Audio&Disc Playback Support including Blu-ray disc,DVD, H.265/264, MOV .etc

Free download this best 3D Video Player:

pro-mac-trial.png pro-win-trial.png

Launch it and Click "Arrow" button to choose a 3D movie whether it is from Blu-ray, DVD or regular video formats like MKV, MP4 .etc. It will play 3D movies with superb quality immediately without any trouble.


Top 2. VLC Media Player

VLC is available on multiple platforms like the Windows, MacOS X and Linux versions (2.1.0 or newer!) and is capable of playing a SBS 3D movie as an Anaglyph movie. When you play 3D video with VLC, it by default opens in side by side 3D mode. However, you can switch from this mode to Anaglyph 3D by using these steps: Tools-> Effects and Filters-> Video Effects-> Advanced. You can also apply multiple effects in a video, like water effect, mirror, waves, motion detect, etc.

VLC definitely only can well support SBS 3D effect. That is to say, if you wanna get more 3D effect, you'd better change another 3D Video Player.


Top 3. Bino Player

Bino is a superb professional 3D video player that plays stereoscopic 3D videos with a wide range of video format. It is free and efficient, and can work on both Mac and Windows. But it is experiencing curent unstable development. It supports a lot of input and output formats, like side-by-side, top-bottom, red-cyan glasses, polarized glasses, and much more!

However, according to users feedback, it seems to be not so table while playing large 3D video files.


Top 4. KM Player

As a free video player for 3D movies, one of the best feature about KM Player is that it does some conversion from 2D to 3D by adding anaglyph effects, so your will use 3D glasses in order to view the movie.

KM Player can be widely used for playing videos on computer. It is a versatile media player which can cover various types of container format such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime among others. It handles a wide range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots in many ways.

If it is equipped with more additional features and support Blu-rays well, I will rank it as first class of Free Video Player.


Top 5. PowerDVD 17

It allows users to play 4K video shot on some cameras, and it can convert 2D videos to 3D. PowerDVD also allows for streaming to and from your mobile devices. You are able to program a mobile device for use as a remote control. The only reason that user may reject this software may be its price. You can get it at $ 99.95.

Hope this 5 Best 3D Video Player Review will give you some clues on how to pick a proper 3D Video Player to afford 3D movies on computer.

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