When can I get my registration code after the payment?

    After the successful payment, you will receive an Email from SWREG in several minutes, in which there are a registration code and download link for you. The link will always be valid and link you to the latest version of our software.

    I Purchased the software but I didn't received the code by email? (Retrieve Registration Code)

    Generally you will receive the registration code via e-mail within one hour after order is successful. If you have not received it in time or lost it, please contact support@brorsoft.com ( Please provide the order number of your DVD Ripper). We will send the registration code to you instantly.

    How to remove the watermark in the middle of the converted files?

    The watermark is the only difference/limitation between the trial version and full version. Once you register the product, the free trial limitations will be removed. To remove the watermark in the output, you need to reconvert the source files with the full version.

    Where can I put in the registration code?

    After your purchase, you will receive a email sent from SWREG, in which there will be a download link and the registration code. Please click the link to install the full version, launch it and fill the registration code in the box to activate it.

    I recently reinstalled my computer and lost your software, how can I get it?

    Please find the email SWREG sent to you after your purchase. Click the download link in it so that you can get your software back. If you can not find the email, please contact support@brorsoft.com and provide us with valid email address you fill in the personal information form.

    I just ordered the product, but got an error stating that my order can not be processed at the moment and will be manually processed.

    a. Invalid information was entered. Please check your information or re-order with the correct details.
    b. Credit card was rejected. The card issuing bank has refused the authorization for the payment. Please contact the bank & clear the payment.
    c. The order is not processed because the card type is unknown. Please send us an email with the Order No. and the registered email address if you are not sure with the cause. We will find out the reason for the problem and inform you about the situation as soon as possible.

    I orded via internet the software DVD ripper. I paid for it by credit card but to date I have not received the product by mail. Could you help me with his?

    The problem may be caused by:
    a. Your Email service provider rejects Emails from unknown senders, so you have not got the Email sent from SWREG;
    b. Because of your Email setting, the letter with registration code and download link went to Trash directly. Please look for the letter there.
    c. You provided invalid Email address when you ordered the software. Please contact support@brorsoft.com to get assistance.

    I just purchased a license for your Video Converter Ultimate but I miss typed my email address so I have not received any resulting emails. What should I do now?

    Please contact support@brorsoft.com and provide our support team with order number or the invalid email address you have put in your information form so that we can check your order and send the info for you.

    I inadvertently placed an order for the download of the retail version of the DVD Ripper for Mac. The product I had wanted was the iMedia Converter for Mac and I did not discover my error until I accessed the keycode/download page. Is it possible to get the iMedia Converter for Mac by paying the difference?

    You can pay the difference and get the software. Please contact support@brorsoft.com and ask for the related link.

    I would like to use the software on two different computers. Can I move the license? I have a desktop but when I travel I have a laptop

    You can not install the same software in another computer but we can provide you with satisfying discount since you are our ordinary customer. Please contact support@brorsoft.com and you will get the discount link.

    What are the available ways for me to purchase the software?

    There are several ways to purchase our software. You can pay by credit card online or credit card by fax or by phone. You can also pay by ACH with Proforma Invoice, wire transfer, bank check/cheque or PayPal. Generally we recommend you the credit card online, as the order will be processed quicker and without extra processing fee.

    I purchased your software via wire transfer, but I still have not received email from you.

    It may take a longer time to purchase via wire/bank transfer than credit card. If you are not sure whether your order is processed or not, please send us an email to support@brorsoft.com with your payment information.

    I have received the email and can you also send a receipt to this email address?

    Please click the link: https://www.cardquery.com/app/support/customer/order/list/details, fill your information in the form and then you can print the invoice/receipt you need.

    If you can't find your needed question, please contact support@brorsoft.com to get your answer.

    Payment Tips for Purchasing

    Free Trial version is available for you to evaluate the software. So we kindly recommend you have a try before buy.
    You can remove Registration Backup Service by clicking Trash Can Icon in the SWREG shopping list if it exists.
    The online ordering is 100% secure! All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured.
    The price is given per one license. Brorsoft products are licensed on per computer basis, not per user, site, or company. So if you want to order more than one license, please directly contact us via support@brorsoft.com, you could get at least 20% off on the products.
    As to tax, SWREG collects two kinds of tax, sales tax and VAT( value-added tax).
    Sales tax: SWERG remits sales tax for MN, CA, CO, GA, IA, IL, MI, NE, and UT in that they have offices within each of these states.
    VAT: SWREG collects value-added tax (VAT) to Eropean customers on all downloaded digital products and services including software according to the Digital VAT Directive.