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Turn Video into Gif with Best GIF Maker


Animated GIFs are something of an internet art form, shared by all. Converting a video into a short GIF makes it smaller and easier to manage, and the popularity of GIF today make them perfect for blog posts, witty retorts, or simple jokes with friends. But what if you've got a YouTube video, a TV show or a movie on your computer that you'd like to use to create your own GIFs? In this article, you will get a best program that helps you turn video into GIF without any trouble.

There are lots of GIF maker apps you can use to make videos into GIF. Among those, Brorsoft 8K Video Player (Mac version) can be regarded as one of the best program to make GIF.

Key Features:

1. This Player is easy to use for beginners to GIF creation by "ONE-KEY"
2. It is fully compatible with multiple file types, including MP4, AVI, 3GP, MKV, AVI, MOV .etc as well as Blu-ray/DVD movies.
3. Up to 30 seconds for a GIF images creation without watermark;
4. The program offers GIF previews and a fast speed to convert videos to animated GIFs.

Now, download the program to get GIF from Videos.

pro-mac-trial.png pro-win-trial.png

How to get GIF from Video file with Brorsoft 8K player

Step One: Open and run the software on computer and click arrow button to open the movie files you want. Or you can simply drag&drop the video files into the program directly.


Step Two: Click arrow button on the main interface of the program and choose "Output GIF".


Step Three: In the GIF settings bar, you can freely choose the duration of video to generate the GIF. After that simply click "GIF" button. Now, the software is generating the GIF to you immediately.


In a minute, the GIF file will be generated soon. The computer will automatically lead you to the folder where GIF is saved.

That's it! Once it's done, you can upload it to Imgur, Minus, Dropbox, or any other file hosting service you prefer. Or just include them in your emails to colleagues or friends. Enjoy!

Additional Tip:

Looping is ideal for creating gifs, short videos and more sensible things too. Click Here to learn how to loop the video.

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