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Stream Blu-ray/DVD/Videos with Amazon Fire TV Stick 2


Same with Chromecast Ultra, Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 enable you to stream the media files from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or laptop to big screen TV. In this article we show you how to stream your Blu-ray, DVD and videos with Fire TV Stick 2.

Like the previous version of Fire TV Stick, the maximum of file resolution of the new Fire TV Stick 2 is up to 1080p, which is full HD. Below we show you the supported HD formats by Fire TV Stick 2:

Video formats

 H.264 1080p30

 H.265 1080p30 

Audio formats

 AAC-LC, HE-AACv1 (AAC+), HE-AACv2 (eAAC+), AC3 (Dolby Digital), eAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus)

 FLAC, MIDI, MP3, PCM/Wave, Vorbis, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, Dolby Audio

 5.1 surround sound, 2ch stereo, and HDMI audio pass through up to 7.1

To smoothly stream Blu-ray/DVD movies and videos via Fire TV Stick 2, what you need to do is ripping Blu-ray/DVD disc or transcoding unsupported HD movies to Fire TV Stick 2 playable H.264 HD or H.265 HD format. If the video is encoded with incompatible frame rate or audio codec, you still need to do some profile parameters adjustment.

For streaming the Blu-ray/DVD and videos to your TV with Fire TV Stick 2, we just need to make the Blu-ray/DVD and videos in H.264 1080p30 or H.265 1080p30 videos.

Note: In comparison to AVC / H.264, HEVC / H.265 offers about double the data compression ratio at the same level of video quality, or substantially improved video quality at the same bit rate.

Therefore, nothing better than ripping Blu-ray and DVD, or converting videos to HEVC / H.265 for streaming to your TV via Fire TV Stick 2. Here Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate(for Windows) / iMedia Converter (for Mac) should take into your consideration. It is an professional program which can handle all the Blu-ray, DVD and videos, rip or convert them to AVC/H.264 or HEVC / H.265 without quality loss. Thinks to NVIDIA CUDA technology, the program accelerate speed when decoding/encoding the DVD / Blu-ray / Videos with H.264 / H.265 Codec in 5-6X faster than ever.

The trail-before-purchase version availabel for you, the watermark is the only limitation between the trial version and full version. Here in this article, Windows version screenshots were taken as example, the Mac version shares the same steps, just keep in mind you have download the right version, Windows platform .exe files cannot be installed on macOS – and vice versa.

video-converter-trail imedia-converter-for-mac-trail

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Rip Blu-ray / DVD or Convert Videos to H.264 / H.265 for Streaming to TV with Fire TV Stick 2

Step 1. Add source files (Blu-ray/DVD/videos)

Load Discs: Insert the Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray Disc drive or DVD to the DVD-ROM and click the Load Disc button to have movies uploaded to the Program. You can also import ISO files, IFO files or Blu-ray/DVD folder for conversion.
Add Videos: Click Add Files or Add From Folder button to load video or audio files.


1. Before loading Blu-ray content, a BD drive is needed
2. Computer should networked so that the Program can access key for cracking the copy-protections of Blu-ray or DVD disc.

Step 2. Set H.264 / H.265 as output format


Click Format bar and just select H.264 as output format. Here 3 H.264 presets "H.264 Baseline Profile Video(*.mp4)", "H.264 Main Profile Video(*.mp4)", "H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4)" are supported.



Click on Format bar, select “Common Video” from the format list and in submenu you can find “H.265 Video(*.mp4)”. Then hit on the small folder icon to specify an output folder.


Tip: If you wanna some advanced settings, you can click “Settings” icon to adjust the video, audio parameters bitare, frame rate, sample rate, audio channel, etc.

Plus, you can click “Edit” button to do some editing work cropping, trimming, settings effect, adding subtitles.

Step 3. Start converting Blu-ray /DVD / videos to H.264 / H.265 for streaming with Fire TV Stick 2

Click the “Convert” icon, the Blu-ray /DVD / videos to H.264 / H.265 conversion will start immediately.

You can follow the converting process in the “Conversion” interface.

When the conversion finished, you can get the H.264 / H.265 output files via clicking on “Open” button effortlessly.

Then you can choose stream the converted movies to your TV with Fire TV Stick 2.

Or use your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or laptop to stream H.264 / H.265 videos with Cast-enabled apps.

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