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Learn 5 advanced iMovie editing Skills(Send iMovie Projects to FCP X included)

Welcome to iMovie 10! An iMovie project is where you assemble your clips and photos; and add titles, effects and transitions to create a video. If you already have a Mac, it's the simplest way to get started editing new video projects. This article, show you 5 advanced iMovie 10 editing. Let's study one by one.

1. iMovie 10 Video Effects


Editing in iMovie 10, you'll have lots of options for changing the way that your video footage looks. Under the adjust button (in the top right of the iMovie window) you'll see options for color balance, color correction, image cropping and stabilization. These are basic effects that you may want to consider adding to any video clip, just to make overall improvements to how it comes out of the camera. Or, for easy adjustments, try the Enhance button, which will apply automatic improvements to your video clips.

In addition, there's an entire video effects menu that can change your footage to black and white, add an old-movie look and more.

2. Fast and Slow Motion in iMovie 10


Adjusting the speed of your clips can really change the effect of your edited movie. Speed the clips up, and you can tell a long story or show a detailed process in a matter of seconds. Slow the clips down and you can add emotion and drama to any scene.

In iMovie 10 you adjust the speed of the clips through the Speed Editor. This tool offers preset selections for speed, and also gives you ability to reverse your clips. There's also a dragging tool at the top of any clip in the speed editor that you can use to adjust the length of a clip, and the speed will adjust appropriately.

In addition to slowing down, accelerating, and reversing clips, iMovie 10 makes it easy to add freeze frames or create instant replay from any part of your video. You can access these options through the Modify drop down menu at the top of the screen.

3. Precision Editing in iMovie 10


Most of the tools in iMovie 10 are designed to work automatically, and for the most part you'll have success just letting the program work its editing magic. But sometimes you want to be extra careful and apply precision to every frame of your video. If that's the case, you'll be happy to know about the iMovie precision editor!

With the precision editor, you can adjust the location and length or transitions in iMovie. It also lets you see the whole length of a clip, so you know how much you're leaving out, and you can easily adjust the part that is included.

You can access the iMovie precision editor by holding control while selecting a clip in your sequence, or through the Window drop down menu.

4. Overlapping Clips in iMovie


iMovie uses a trackless timeline, so you can stack clips two clips on top of each other in your editing sequence. When you do this, you'll see a menu with video overlay options, including picture-in-picture, cutaway, or blue/green screen editing. These options make it simple to add b-roll to a project and incorporate multiple camera angles.

5. Moving Between iMovie 10 and FCP X
iMovie is a great piece of software, but some users may want to upgrade to the professional features Final Cut Pro has to offer. If you're one of those users, don't worry. You can now easily move your iMovie movies and trailers to Final Cut Pro and start editing like a pro in no time.

Part I: Send an iMovie Movie to Final Cut Pro
To get started on sending an iMovie movie to Final Cut Pro, open iMovie and load the project you'd like to transfer into the timeline. Then go to File > Send Movie to Final Cut Pro.


iMovie will launch Final Cut Pro, create a new Final Cut Pro Library called iMovie Library, create a Final Cut Pro Event (with the same name as the iMovie Event your movie came from), and finally, load your movie into the Event as a Final Cut Pro project. Click on the project to load it in to the timeline. At this point, you can start editing your new project.

Part II: Send an iMovie Trailer to Final Cut Pro
iMovie allows you to quickly create cinematic trailers by filling out a "credits" text form and selecting short clips of video, which iMovie then compiles based on the template you selected. Because this process does not take place in a standard timeline, though, getting an iMovie trailer into Final Cut Pro requires an extra step.

To convert your trailer into a timeline-based movie, go to File > Convert Trailer to Movie.


Once again, to send your movie to Final Cut Pro, go to File > Send Movie to Final Cut Pro.

Your iMovie trailer can now be edited as a Final Cut Pro project.

Addition Tip:

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