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How to Easily Create SBS 3D MKV Video from 2D DVD


As the popularity of 3D movies nowadays, more and more people would like to go the cinema to enjoy the 3D movie with great visual enjoyment or see classical films with advanced 3D effect. Chances are you have a bunch of DVD collections, ever dreamed of creating 3D movies by yourself and enjoy on 3D TV, glasses-free 3D smartphones, or other compatible 3D display device? Here this article will shows you how to convert all DVD movies into 3D SBS MKV without any hassles.

To change 2D DVD to SBS 3D MKV video, we need to utilize a 2D DVD to SBS 3D MKV Converter. Brorsoft DVD Ripper is the best choice, which can help you quickly finish the conversion from 2D DVD to 3D MKV with original video quality. Besides 3D MKV(Side-by-Side/Top bottom/Anaglyph) outputs, this software provides 3D MP4, 3D MOV, 3D WMV, 3D AVI presets to meet your different needs. In addition, if you want to edit videos, set subtitles, select audio track, add text or image watermark to videos, all these can be easily achieved with this powerful tool. The equivalent Mac version - Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac is for Mac OS users. Now download the program and let's learn how to do it.

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Guide: How to convert 2D DVD to SBS 3D MKV videos

Step 1: Input DVD movies

Launch Brorsoft DVD Ripper. Insert the DVD disc and click the disc button to import 2D DVD towards the plan. Following importing the files, you are able to choose Subtitle, Audio as desire.


Step 2: Choose output format

Click "Format" and move to "3D Video" category. Then you can easily select "MKV Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mkv)", "MKV Anaglyph 3D Video (*.mkv)" or "MKV Top bottom 3D Video (*.mkv)" as the output format.


Step 3: Advanced Video/Audio settings

Click "Settings" button to do corresponding settings regarding to video, audio like video codec, file size, video bitrate, frame rate, etc. Plus, you can also select 3D Anaglyph like Left/Right mode.

Step 4: Start encoding DVD to 3D MKV video

In the end, click the "Convert" button on program interface to start converting DVD to 3D MKV video. After it finished, open output file destination, locate the created 3D MKV files for playback on your 3D player anytime you want.

When play the 3D MKV on your 3D devices, You may find it comes up in two screen, just hit the 3D button on your device, and it will pop up a window saying put on your glasses, choose "OK". Another window appears showing your 3D choice: Side-by-Side.

Now put on your 3D glasses, and then just enjoy 3D Movies!

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