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How to Play Region Locked DVD on Xbox One X?


Xbox One X is the world's most powerful console that supports playing immersive true 4K games, and has 40% more power than other consoles. It's also an entertainment center of sorts. The 4K Blu-ray drive will bring you crisp movies with Dolby Atmos and HDR 10 (but no Dolby Vision) support. However, just like previous Xboxes, the new console is also manufactured for a specific DVD region, following international standards. In the other words, you're only allow to play these DVDs on Xbox One X in the same region code. Then, how to play region locked DVD on Xbox One X?

In order to play region locked DVD on Xbox One X smoothly, you can use a third party DVD region killer software (Review: Top 3 DVD Region Killer Software) to remove DVD region code, as well as rip/convert DVD to Xbox One X supported video formats. To do the job quickly and losslessly, Brorsoft DVD Ripper is highly recommended. With it, you can remove all region codes from DVD discs and convert DVD to Xbox One X supported 4K/1080P/720P MKV, MP4, etc. formats without quality loss.

Besides Xbox One X, it also has 150+ presets for more portable devices, HDTV like:  iPhone (8/X), iPad (iPad Pro), Galaxy Note8, Samsung TV, PS4/3 and more. If you're a Mac user, please turn to Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac share the same steps besides the tiny differences on interface.

Free download best DVD to Xbox One X Converter:

dvd-ripper-for-windows-trail dvd-ripper-for-mac-trail

Guide: Remove DVD Region Code and Convert DVD for Xbox One X

Windows version Brorsoft DVD Ripper taken as example, Mac shares the same steps. Just keep in mind you have download the right version, Windows platform .exe files cannot be installed on macOS – and vice versa.

Step 1. Import DVD Movies

Download and launch the best DVD to Xbox One X Converter, click the "Load disc" button to load the DVD movies to the program.

Here, DVD Video_TS Folder, ISO image files are supported as well.


Step 2. Select output format

Click the Format drop-down list, and select "H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)", "MKV HD Video (.mkv)" from HD Video category as the output format.


Tips: If you want to keep 4K video resolution, right click Settings icon to set video size (pix) as original, and bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, etc.

Step 3. Start Ripping DVD to Xbox One X

With above settings, click the red Convert button to convert and rip DVD for Xbox One X. DVD Region Code will be removed automatically.

One the conversion was finished, tap the Open icon to quick locate the converted videos. Then follow below two ways to play DVD movies on Xbox One X.

Method 1: Play DVD Rips to Xbox One X via USB

Copy the converted DVD movies to a USB flash drive and plug it into USB port on game console then you can play it on Xbox One X.

Method 2: Stream DVD Rips to Xbox One X from PC

1. Make sure that your PC and Xbox One X are in the same network.

2. In Xbox One X, follow “Settings” > “Preferences” and make sure “Allow Play To streaming” is ticked.

3. Select the media on your PC and right click it to select “Play To” option.

4. A dropdown menu will appear showing you a list of devices detected in your network.

5. Choose Xbox One X, and the stream will begin, and then you can play the converted DVD movies on Xbox One X without hassle.

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