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I like it!

Meena | 2017-05-14
I really like this Video Converter software. I had previously tried several programs which were dramatically inferior to your product. It has functioned well and has given me exactly what I was looking for.

Easy to edit

Monirupa Chakraborty | 2017-02-13
My first video creating experience became really smooth as soon as I got my hands on ''Brorsoft'' video converter ultimate. The cut and crop advantage really got me going since not only it was unnecessarily lengthy, but being my first video, it was also full of flawed takes and repetitions. I could erase the corners successfully off each screen and from the total footage , without getting frustrated once, just because of this amazing video editor. About the advanced functions, I am really satisfied about the effects! I''m really looking forward to write further updates on this as soon as I get to use it more in future !

Brorsoft imedia converter for mac

vj | 2016-12-07
Perfect...............just what I wanted. Works easily and anyone can operate (successfully) this program.

the best

| 2016-09-22
I have been trying to convert my video files into the formats I can read, translate, edit and pass to my Supervisor. Yet I can not figure out what to use, how I can, so I tried Brorsoft video converter ultimate and got the result. Brorsoft is an excellent software and it is a problem solver.


dylan | 2016-06-19
I have to make video for my son's first birthday. now it makes me easy to make video.

Best of the Best

Phill | 2016-02-26
Totally flexible and easy to use. The whole family of Brorsoft software are top notch apps. I have both the Blu-ray Ripper and DVD Ripper, then upgrade them to Ultimate this year. Both are great! Now I can convert any format to any other format in any size and shape I want.


eyad mohamed | 2015-12-13
its actually good and easy to use it. And it also had many choices to users to choose base on users mind.. So it actually is a good apps for me

Brorsoft iMedia Converter Review

Cuvelier | 2015-10-01
it''s good

Very fast

Hamza Ehtesham Farooq | 2015-06-15
This Software was really simple, fast, efficient and reliable. It converts videos 50x more faster than compare to any software. I really loved to use this application.

Help me very much

Grant E | 2015-04-17
I would add a 6th star if I could. This program helped me accomplish exactly what I wanted, which was to convert some old home movies of when the kids were small, as well as some vacation videos, for viewing through my apple tv devices throughout my house. It did the job perfectly!! What an excellent product, I recommend it to everyone I know!!


odbat | 2015-01-25
After trying over a dozen video converters over the years, this one is a gem. It really actually works and has a very intuitive interface. There are a couple of minor glitches such as the app sometimes* freezes when its converting a video, but patience pays off. I mean 1 out of 10 conversion of a 1.5 hour movie.

wow it cool

Mr G | 2014-10-10
I needed to convert movie from DVD to MP4 format and this program allowed me to do so with ease.I recommend this product !!

I love this software

Andy Martinez | 2014-7-02
This software works very well. If compared with other converter's then Brorsoft iMedia has much speed of converting. Output quality is 99% same as original. I like this software.

User friendly

Pehnavafashionmart | 2014-4-30
I had just by using this Software and i found it preety cool, It is user friendly and i m very happpy with this software as it is user friendly

Liked it

Ankit Goyal | 2014-2-11
Its wonderful, I could copy alot of movies from Blu-ray and DV D disc I've been looking for so instead of spending money to buy them I could copy them and there really good quality transfer.

Excelent video editor

Frank Di Michele | 2013-11-19
This is the better video editor. It''s so simple to use. I love it!

Brorsoft iMedia Converter Reviews

Paul Conte | 2013-8-23

iMedia Converter for Mac

Scott Abbott | 2013-6-26
Great product and very pleased with the quality and ease of conversion process. I recommend this product for others as outstanding!

best swiss army knife converter

Fred Bellew | 2013-05-17
Great job on this software. Truly an Ultimate software for video, DVD/Blu-ray conversion and it's an intuitive, attractive interface. But all in all, this is the best swiss army knife converter I've used. A reliable company, great product!!

Finally the wait is over

Sara | 2013-08-15
Just what I needed. No need to have separate software for converting to other formats. It only saves times but is very user friendly. I wish I had got this before.

Nice and Easy

Michael | 2013-07-22
I tried various free trial software, including Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate. Pleased with the trial and purchased the software. Easy to use. Very satisfied. The product description is accurate.

Yes, Ultimate!

George Ramos | 2013-05-17
This tool does everything for video I could ever want. I dump my camcorder videos to my PC, drag them into VCU, edit, adjust video settings, find the right output format and Iove got great looking video to share in a snap

save your time

Hugh | 2012-05-15
My family enjoys movie night now so much more than before. Now I can download any video format and convert it to the right format to fit our television.

Enjoy more movies

Hugh | 2012-05-15
My family enjoys movie night now so much more than before. Now I can download any video format and convert it to the right format to fit our television.

Don't waste your time with free convertors

enrique | 2012-04-17
After trying several free converters with little success I decided to give Video Converter Ultimate a test drive. From the get go I got the results I wanted. .VOB fies converted to AVI with the files merged for seamless play back on my pc or LG tv. Great results from an easy to use program.
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