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Fix RipBot264 Keeps Shutting Down Erorr


RipBot264 is a free and all-in-one converter that converts DVD, Blu-ray or any video to iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, MP4, MKV, Blu-ray or AVCHD without exotic filters and unnecessary settings. Encode using several computers/shared encoding! Requires Java 32bit, AVisynth, ffdshow, haali media splitter and .Net Framework. However, some users complain that RipBot264 keeps shutting down, or pops up random error messages like below:

Q1: "Hi, guys. I've been using RipBot for years, but recently I've been having a problem where it keeps crash my PC after about 25 minutes into a conversion. It started doing it whilst I was using version 1.20.0 so the other day I downloaded 1.21.0 and I'm still getting the same issue. Any advice?"

Q2: "I am looking for help with a random error I get when using RipBot. I am not quite sure why it happens, I have put files to encode into RipBot and then put the exact same file in a day or two later in this message will pop up...If anybody could shed some light on why it happens that would be great."

Don't worry, we'll share some tips and tricks to fix RipBot264 keeps shutting down error in this simple guide.

A. These errors are probably caused of overheating CPU or dying power supply, so check core temperatures before any encoding. If not, try a prior version (disable the updater) and see if the error continues.

B. Another solution for you is to find some RipBot264 alternative that can convert any video, Blu-ray/DVD to 250+ popular formats for playing on iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP/PS3, PC or Mac and more devices with ease. Here, Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate the all-in-one video, audio, Blu-ray and DVD converter is probably the best alternative to RipBot264 with below features:

* Convert virtually any video/DVD/Blu-ray files to all popular video/audio formats like: H.265/HEVCAVIMP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MOV, MKV, and more.

* Easy-to-use, 6X faster conversion speed and zero quality loss

* Customized presets for 150+ popular formats including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, Xbox, PS3/PS4, Apple TV, and more

* Backup any DVD/Blu-ray with 100% original quality, or directly copy Blu-ray/DVD main movies as you like.

* Edit videos in your way (crop, trim, volume, subtitle, watermark and effect)

* Support H.265/HEVC Encode & Decode

Free download the best RipBot264 Alternative:


Guide: Convert Video/Blu-ray/DVD with Best RipBot264 Alternative

Step 1. Install and launch the best best RipBot264 alternative video converter, simply click "Load File" to load your videos or click "Load Disc" to import Blu-ray/DVD movies to the program.


Step 2. Tap the "Format" drop-down menu, and choose a proper formats like H.264 MP4, MOV, M4V from "Common Video" or "HD Video" category.

Or you can choose other persets according to your devices.


Tip: Click the "Settings" button, you can adjust video and audio parameters on the "Profile Setting“ as you like.

Step 3. When everything is ok, click the "Convert" button to transcode/convert Blu-ray, DVD, Video formats to H.264 MP4 with the best RipBot264 alternative.

Once the conversion is finished, you can click the "Open" button to quickly locate the ripped files and transfer them to your home media sever or portable devices.

Now, feel free to play the converted videos/Blu-ray/DVD movies on HDTV, portable devices.

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