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How to Backup DVD Movies to Mac Hard Drive on macOS Sierra

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People are willing to keep their DVD discs for longer time without being scratched, broken or lost. May be backup up DVD is the best choice. For Mac users, how to backup DVD to Mac hrad drive on macOS Sierra? This article is just the way for you to backup DVD to Mac on macOS Sierra, you'd like to watch on your Mac, or better still want to transfer them to your iPhone and iPad so that you can watch your movies on the go.

Some DVDs come without any protected content on them, whereby you can easily rip the contents of the DVD to your Mac on macOS Sierra.

For commercial DVD, CSS (Content Scramble system), RCE (Regional Coding Enhancement) adn DRM (Digital Rights Management) used for illegal purpose.

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If you want to rip a protected DVD, you'll need to use software called Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac, the software has a lot of different features which will offer you a great way of ripping DVDs to your Mac on macOS Sierra, such as rip and backup both home-made and copy-protected DVDs to MP4/H.264, MOV, M4V, etc, for backing up DVD movies to iTunes, for editing DVD movies on iMovie, for watching DVD movies on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. This also includes a built-in editor and even the option to adjust the framerate of the DVD rip.

Features listed below should take into your consideration:

Decrypting Feature

Brorsoft keeps constant update with perfect support to bypass anti-piracy encryptions, even the latest encryption used on many new released DVD movies.

Various output options

Brorsoft produces various different output options not only including popular digital file formats but also hot devices and programs.

Lossless backup

With Brorsoft, you can back up your DVD in Full Disccopy Main Movie only, or choose your wanted chapter to back up.

Video customization

Different devices and programs have different specification requirements, Brorsoft allow you to flexibly adjust the output profile parameters to produce the best playback settings.

Editing function

Brorsoft provides some basic and essential video editing options so that you can get the exact video you want by trimming, cropping, watermarking, splitting, merging, deinterlacing, etc.

Easy to use

An intuitive interface, drag and drop feature, and within 3 steps make up a ticket to entry for a user friendly Mac DVD ripper.

Steps to backup DVD to your Mac hard drive on macOS Sierra

The trail-before-purchase version availabel for you, the watermark is the only limitation between the trial version and full version.


Step 1. Input DVD

Click "DVD (disc)" icon on the top toolbar to analyze and load DVD content to ripper and it often takes just a few seconds. Alternatively, DVD folder and ISO Image file are both available to input and rip.


Step 2. Backup DVD to Mac hard drive.

There are 3 different ways listed, just select one way to backup DVD to Mac hard drive.

A. DVD full disc copy. 

Full disc copy allows you to keep the whole file structure in your DVD disc complete without any quality loss.

Click the "Copy the entire disc" button to start DVD full disc copy.


B. Directly copy. 

If you hate the extras in the DVD, you can try copying DVD main movie only which will leave out any extras for you.

Click the format bar to follow "Copy" > "Directly Copy"


C. Rip DVD to any format like MP4/MOV/MOV. 

Press on "Format". Here, you can see many profiles, like "Common Video", "HD Video", "3D Video" and some preset for popular devices.

Search any one you need, like "H.264 MP4″format as the output format for its wide compatibility feature.


Step 3. Start backup DVD

If you choose the second or third way to copy DVD movie, you need to hit the “Start Conversion” button in bottom right corner.

When the process is completed, open output folder and find the ripped DVD file on your Mac hard drive.

Then you can watch the ripped DVD on your Mac, or transfer them to your iPhone or iPad for watching.

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