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Three Methods to Access iCloud Backup File on Mac/PC

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service, offering integrated online backup and syncing for Apple devices. It backs up our iPhone content including contacts, messages, calendar, notes, etc. Are you wondering how to view iCloud backup files from your PC or Mac? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find three ways to access iCloud backup File. Just read on to get something useful you want.

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Solution 1: Access iCloud Backup via the iCloud website

The only way Apple allows you to check what's on your iCloud is logging iCloud official site.

1. Open you browser, and navigate to www.icloud.com.
2. Log in iCloud with your Apple ID.
3. Now you can view the content on iCloud like contacts, calendar, notes, etc.

Note: After logging in, you'll find that you can only check parts of data, including: contacts, mail, calendar, notes, reminders, Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents. As for other files and settings, like pictures, wall paper, recorded videos, apps, text messages, MMS messages, iMessage, ringtones, visual voicemail, and more, Apple doesn't allow you to access them in iCloud.

Solution 2: Access iCloud Backup via the iCloud Control Panel

1. Download and install iCloud Control Panel on your PC.
2. Launch iCloud on your PC, and sign in using your Apple ID.
3. You will see the window as followed, now you can access your iCloud backup.


Note: As you can see, this method still can't give you much control on your iCloud backup. In order to freely manage all of your iCloud backup, you'd better seek for a better solution.

Solution 3: Access iCloud Backup with Brorsoft iRefone for Mac

For security, Apple never tells you where your iCloud backup file is. If you need to access iCloud backup files, you should try a third-party tool or search for the path where your iCloud backup file is. However, even though you find your iCloud backup files, generally, you can't view the data in iCloud backup files in details. In this part, we will tell you a third option to access your iCloud backup, and even download the backup items to computer. And Brorsoft iRefone for Mac would be the great help for you.

As one of the best iOS data recovery software, it allows you to access data in iCloud backup files at your will. With it, you can download data from iCloud backup file selectively; sort data in iCloud backup file into categories; and even save data from iCloud backup file to computer. The most important is that this iOS data recovery tool is fully compatible with multiple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models to meet your different needs. If you want to get your iCloud backup file from iPhone on Windows, please turn to its equivalent Windows version Brorsoft iRefone to finish the task.

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How to access iCloud Backup without iPhone on computer

Step 1. Log in your iCloud account

Choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" after running the program. Then you'll see the window as follows.

Enter your Apple ID and the password to log in your iCloud account first, so that you can see the backup files in your account. It's totally safe to enter your account. The program won't keep any information of your account and data. You're the only one who owns it and can access it.


Step 2. Download and scan iCloud backup

Once you've logged in, you can see a list of all backup files for iOS devices in your account. Then you can choose any one you want to access and click to download it. The downloading will take you a little while.


Step 3. Choose the file type to download from iCloud

In the pop-up window, you can choose the type of files you would like to download from iCloud. Click on the "Next" button to begin.


Step 4. Preview and recover iCloud backup files on computer

When the scan stops, you can check all contents in the iCloud backup including Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmark, Photo, Voice Memos, WhatsApp message, WeChat Message. Check them one by one and tick the item you want. Then click on the "Recover to Mac" to save them on your computer with one click.


You're done. As you see, it's really convenient and useful for every iCloud users. You don't need to restore your iPhone as a new device and restore the whole iCloud backup to your device when you want to check the iCloud backup content.

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