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Incredible program for backing up DVD/BD movies

Mason Solosabal | 2014-07-23
Look no further; seriously, I already did! I am so glad that Brosoft has created an incredible program for backing up my purchased Blu-ray and DVD original movies. I have bought other programs that eventually became outdated and useless with newer movies. These other programs did not always have predictable outcomes with image and sound qualities; not to mention randomized chapters. After downloading and using the free trial software (which, by-the-way allows you to demo a whole movie and not just the first 5 minutes), I was impressed with the quality of my back-up. The program allows you to convert to any imaginable format to use in secondary players such as, X-Box, iPad, AppleTV..etc. Product Support is extremely customer oriented; and FAST!

Amazing software!

Patty | 2014-02-18
This amazing software is convenient and easy to use. It can rip your Bluray&DVD into any format you choose. I recommend it to first-time users and even to users who need something that is both powerful and fast.

the best one I have found

Aaron | 2013-11-04
I have tried many of these products (and spent a lot of money and time on it) so I can take my family's movies out of the hands of my toddlers and put them in a NAS digitally. This is the best one I have found. The visuals are above other products I have used by a good measure. And it is pretty fast as well.

The BEST product

Anonymous | 2013-10-4
Brorsoft is the BEST product I??ve used to rip my movie collection. Thank you for the great products!!

Pretty easy to use

Marie | 2013-07-23
I have used the software several times. So far it is working quite well. I am using a laptop with Windows XP to do the conversion. I then transfer it to an external hard drive. When I am ready to put a movie on my iPad I drag and drop the file into iTunes. The software is pretty easy to use. I have used others in a trial setting, but this was by far the best I found.

Quality to be excellent

Holeyman | 2013-05-18
I've had success using your Blu-ray Ripper to convert Blu-Ray discs to a format playable by Apple TV and iTunes. I've found the quality to be excellent, and see no difference when compared to playing the discs themselves

Very fast copy speed and good quality

Werner Wildt | 2013-03-12
Recently I really wanna make a copy of a Blu Ray disc I own, store it on my AppleTV hard drive, and play it off the hard drive.So I downloaded and paid one software named Brorsoft bluray Ripper and the copy speed speed is really very fast and the quality is very good for me.
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