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Lossless Backup

Edwin | 2018-08-14
I used Brorsoft Blu Ray Ripper for months. Lately, the majority of .m2ts files that I create (through direct copy from blu ray). Quick and Lossless.

Nice Software

Steve | 2017-05-10
Very easy to use, lots of features included and not over priced.

The best tested by me

Florin Coter | 2017-02-19
Words are useless. It's the best I know. As simple as that. Easy to use, excellent image quality.

Easy and Fast!

samuele | 2017-01-03
Everything is easy about Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper. Download was simple and installation fast and smooth. Converting video files was faster than I expected and the new file very easy to find. I love this fast and easy software.

best blu ray ripper

DocDChn | 2016-12-11
i have been a DVDFab user for years. All of a sudden, the product does not work. I tried to install on a newer system and different issues come up. I did 1 quick search and found the free trail version of Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper from SoftPedia website. All I have to say is WOW. Easy to use, fast processing, and everything works as advertised. Again, this is the real product to own.

Amazing Experience

Lakhan Pal | 2016-8-09
it is a great software to rip and copy blu ray, it helps me a lot to make all blu ray collection playable on my tv and laptop, it is so easy to use, friendly is usage.

The best

zeba | 2016-05-30
i have used many time it works good

read about it in a blog

Geoff | 2016-01-06
I have found this converter the easiest one to use and the most powerful. Try the others and then buy this one you wont regret it.

it is Amazing programe

nassim moradian | 2015-11-05
really it is soooo good program and useful

5 Stars

Igor | 2015-9-17
Nice Apps

Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper Review

Heather W. | 2015-06-11
I am grateful hopeful my show will be amazing outstanding Ase'


ABUBAKER | 2015-04-20


Girlonamission | 2015-01-18
What an amazing program. Converts my blu rays perfectly. Not only my blu rays. Also DVD is been converted perfect. The program must have 6 stars.


jean anderson | 2014-10-14
I just can say WOW - Best Of The Best

Incredible program for backing up DVD/BD movies

Mason Solosabal | 2014-07-23
Look no further; seriously, I already did! I am so glad that Brosoft has created an incredible program for backing up my purchased Blu-ray and DVD original movies. I have bought other programs that eventually became outdated and useless with newer movies. These other programs did not always have predictable outcomes with image and sound qualities; not to mention randomized chapters. After downloading and using the free trial software (which, by-the-way allows you to demo a whole movie and not just the first 5 minutes), I was impressed with the quality of my back-up. The program allows you to convert to any imaginable format to use in secondary players such as, X-Box, iPad, AppleTV..etc. Product Support is extremely customer oriented; and FAST!

BEST product

Anonymous | 2013-10-14
Brorsoft is the BEST product I??ve used to rip my movie collection. Thank you for the great products!!

Intuitive and easy to use

Theron | 2013-9-24
Your software is outstanding, it's intuitive and easy to use.

An excellent and very dependable program

Kevin | 2013-8-29
I used HandBrake (free version) for Mac and before that used Brorsoft for Mac. I feel that the Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac is an excellent and very dependable program. I really haven't encountered any issues that need improvement.

I do like the software

Paul | 2013-08-01
When I rip Blu Ray in the full copy, or direct copy mode it is very fast!

Doing what it??s supposed to

Aaron Langton | 2013-07-23
It managed to chew through a heft-sized Blu-Ray disc in about 3 hours. I find this perfectly acceptable. That, and the estimated time was right on the money. So yeah, as far as actually doing what it??s supposed to. So as far as the program??s actual functionality goes, well, kudos . . . you did a fantastic job, there.

The easiest and most flexible program I have ever used

Dylan | 2013-06-21
I wanted Blu Ray Ripped to convert Blu Ray discs to MP4 files for my media server. By FAR this is the easiest and most flexible program I have ever used. Want output for an Acer tablet (you can even pick the model), Ipod - check, Android - too many to list, Ipad / IPhone - every version. The most amazing feature is the custom video - after tweaking the settings you can produce a 1920 x 1080p file that is indistinguishable from the original Blu Ray Disc (both the video and audio). All this and it is the simplest of software to use and install.

5 stars is an understatement, I'd give it 10. I currently recommend this product to all the people I know who want their video in multiple formats. Brorsoft - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!!

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