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How to Rip Blu-ray to H264 MKV Videos Using StaxRip


StaxRip is an open source and multiformat video encoding application. With it, you can easily convert your DVD's and many more formats into MPEG-4 like XviD, x264/H264/AVC, x265/H265/HEVC, VP9, etc.  Of course it can also handle Blu-ray discs and it excels at this process too, In this article, we'll quickly walk you through how to rip Blu-ray to H.264 MKV videos using StaxRip for free.

Part I: Steps to Rip Blu-ray to H.264 MKV via StaxRip

Step 1. Free download and launch StaxRip and select Source in order to load our Blu-ray movies.


Step 2. At the window that will popup select Blu-Ray Folder. Open your Blu-ray drive, or the folder you have ripped your move in, and select the BDMV folder.


Step 3. Staxrip will check your Blu-ray and give you the various playlists. The movie is the biggest one, so click on it to continue. In this example, our Blu-ray seamless branching, in plain words it has a "Director's Cut" feature and that's why there are two playlists with about the same length. We will still use the largest.

Step 4. Next, select output formats as MKV (1). Select the audio stream you want to use (2), and set the output to DTS-HD (3) or if you have TrueHD audio to THD. Now make sure your audio stream is also selected in the list below (4) as the first two values set the demux options and the later the tracks we want to keep. Next, select the subtitles (5) you want to extract, set the output directory (6) in which the temp files will be saved (make sure you have at least 30GB free space there) and click OK (7). Staxrip will now demux your Blu-ray disc and create separate files for video, audio and subtitles streams.


Step 5. Now set the Target (1), which is the output file. Now lets explain the rest of the options. Using the slider in Resize (2) you can downsize to 720p as I have done here, otherwise just leave it at 1080p. By clicking the x264 Film HQ (3) title you can set the codec and the encoding method. Then, select the MKV Container (4) and set the Quality and Preset settings (5). You only need Config Container (6) in order to add subtitles. Moving to the audio preferences, as we want to keep the original DTS-HD track we will select Just mux (7). Of course you can select AC3 and let Staxrip convert your audio. If you don't need subtitles click Next (8) and move to Step 9, otherwise click Config container and move to the next step.


Step 6. Finally, start the encoding process by clicking Next in the main window and then click Start. That's all, a few hours later you will have a high quality MKV file.

Note: Staxrip cannot unlock a protected Blu-ray disc, while most commercial Blu-ray discs are copy protected. So, before you rip Blu-ray to H.264 MKV via StaxRip, you will need to unlock Blu-ray copy protect via a third party software i.g. AnyDVD HD.

Part II. Rip any (protected) Blu-ray to H.264 MKV with best StaxRip alternative

As you see, the process of ripping Blu-ray to H.264 MKV via StaxRip is a bit complex, I'd like recommend the best StaxRip alternative like Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate (Win /Mac), which can not only bypass Blu-ray copy protection, but also can rip/convert Blu-ray to multimedia formats like H.264 MKV, MP4, QuickTime .mov, AVI, H.265/HEVC, 3GP, VOB, and more without losing quality.

Beside Blu-ray, you can also convert virtually any videos and DVD discs to popular formats for playing on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Apple TV, NLE editing software, Microsoft, etc. Thanks to the built-in video editor, you can personalize and retouch your videos in clicks.

Free download Best StaxRip Alternative Video Converter:

video-converter-trail imedia-converter-for-mac-trail

Step 1. Install and launch the best StaxRip alternative video converter, simply click “Load disc” to load your Blu-ray movies to the program.


Step 2. Click the Format drop-down menu and and choose the MKV HD Video(*.mkv) from the HD Video category as the output format.


Tip: In the "Settings" profile list, you can change the audio codec, frame rate, audio channels, bitrate, etc.

Step 3. Last step is to click the "Convert" button, it will rip and convert Blu-ray to H.264 MKV immediately. Afterwards, you will be able to get the output files via clicking on "Open" button effortlessly. 

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