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Easily Backup Disney Blu-ray on macOS High Sierra 10.13


Latest Disney Blu-ray releases such as: Moana, Car 3, Beauty and Beast, The Prestige, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, etc. are on hot sale. Thanks to Walt Disney Studio, we have got a lot of enjoyments with these funny and touching stories from our childhood till now. If you have collected a bunch of Disney Blu-ray discs, it's wise to make a duplicate digital copy to avoid expensive Blu-ray discs being scratched, lost or damaged by naughty babies. The article will share a simple way to rip and backup Disney Blu-ray on macOS High Sierra 10.13 in best quality.

As we know, the Walt Disney Company strictly applies DRM for copy right protection. Some free Blu-ray ripping software won't decrypt Disney Blu-ray correctly. To rip and backup Disney Blu-ray on macOS High Sierra, we recommend you use Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac. It's up-to-date to decrypt newest Disney copy protection as well as rip/convert Disney Blu-ray to all popular video formats like: H.265/HEVC, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, M4V, MOV, MKV and more formats without losing quality.

In addition, you can also use this professional Blu-ray ripping tool to make 1:1 full disc copy in original file structure, or directly copy Blu-ray main movie on your Mac's hard drive. Plus, it also provides customized settings for 150+ popular devices including: TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, etc for playback on the go.

Download the best Disney Blu-ray Ripper:

download_mac.gif(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5) 

Guide: Rip and Backup Disney Blu-ray on macOS High Sierra 10.13

NOTE: Anywhere from 30 to 60 GB of hard disk space is needed depending on what you’re ripping. Blu-Rays are big, and we’re going to rip the whole thing to our drive first, so depending on the movie you’re ripping and the quality you want in your final movie file, you’ll need a good amount of space.

Step 1. Load Disney Blu-ray Movies

Install and run the best Disney Blu-ray Ripper. Click the BD disc button to load your Disney Blu-ray movies. The Blu-ray titles and chapters will be listed on the program within a few seconds.


Step 2. Three Ways to Backup Disney Blu-ray Movies

A. Backup Disney Blu-ray with original structures: Click the quick button "Copy the entire disc" to start copying the Blu-ray disc to hard drive, including the menus, titles, ads, etc. Full disc copy means to help users to backup the whole contents of a Blu-ray disc remaining the original structures.

B. Backup Disney Blu-ray Main Movie: Click "Format" bar, choose "Copy" > "Directly Copy" from the Format menu and then specify a folder to save the M2TS files from Blu-ray disc without ads.


C. Rip Blu-ray to MP4/MOV/MKV/AVI... Click the "Format" option, and choose MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, M4V, etc. from "Common Video" profile list. If you want to keep 1080p resolution as source movie, you can choose those format from "HD Video" category.


Step 3. Start the conversion

With above settings, click the "Convert" button under the preview window, and the Blu-ray ripper will rip and backup Disney Blu-ray to the desired output formats at once. At the same time, Disney Blu-ray copy protection will be removed automatcially.

Once the conversion is complete, click "open" to locate converted Disney movies. Then, you can play the converted disney Blu-ray movies on any portable media players and devices as you like.

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