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Failed to Play DVD with GOM Player- The Solution


GOM Player supports all the most popular media file formats, and could easily become your main media player once you're used to its quirks. Like many other media players, GOM Player is skinnable. This means that if you don't like the way it looks by default, you can completely change it by applying a new theme. However, some users feedback that they can't play DVD movies with GOM Player smoothly, so we'll talk about the solutions in this post. Just read on.

Solution 1. Download and Install the FFDSHOW codec

In order to play audio with GOM Media Player you'll need to use an external filter. If the Codec Finder appears when you try to play a DVD, or if the DVD plays without audio and the Codec Finder doesn't appear, you'll need to download and install the FFDSHOW codec.

You can download the codec and read more information about it in the link below:


After installing the FFDSHOW codec, try playing the DVD again.

Solution 2. Set the Mpeg2Dec Filter to highest priority

If after installing the AC3 Filter you are still experiencing DVD playback issues, next try setting the Mpeg2Dec Filter to

highest priority by following the steps below:

 1. Launch GOM Media Player > Open the Preferences window (push [F5])

2. Select "Filter" from the list on the left > Go to the "Advanced Settings" tab

3. Under "Filter Rendering Method", select "Advanced: Customize filter priority."

4. After completing step 5, the [Add Filter] button becomes active. Click the [Add Filter] button.

5. On the list of filters that appears, find and select "Mpeg2Dec Filter", then click the OK button. 

6. "Mpeg2Dec Filter" should now appear on the Filter Priority list. Select Mpeg2Dec Filter, and then select "Highest"

     (under the Condition heading on the right side of the window).

7. If the Mpeg2Dec Filter does not appear on the filter list, you can download and install it from the link below:


8. After the download is finished, run the installer to install the codec.

Solution 3. Convert DVD to GOM Player Supported Video Formats

If above two methods are not workable, the final and best solution for you is to transcode and convert DVD discs to GOM Player supported video formats via a third party DVD ripping tool. From GOM official website, we know it natively supports videos in  flv, mp4, mov, mpg, ts, avi, divx, asx, wmv, m4v, dat, ifo, vob, 3gp/3gp2, rm/rmvb, mkv, ogm, etc formats. So, it a good choice to rip/convert DVD to GOM Player supported formats via Brorsoft DVD Ripper.

Overall, it is a professional DVD ripper that is capable of ripping and converting DVD to an acceptable file format WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP4... that is supported by GOM Player. Beside GOM Player, the ripped files are also playable on VLC media player, Windows Media Player and other portable devices smoothly.


Step 1. Import DVD movie

Insert the DVD disc into your computer's hard drive and run the DVD ripping program. Click "Load DVD" and import your DVD movies. You can also add DVD folders, ISO image files to convert. After the DVD has been loaded, you can select the subtitles and audio tracks.


Step 2. Choose output format

Click the the "Format" drop-down menu, choose one of GOM Player supported file formats such as "H.264 MP4" under "Common Video" main category.


Step 3. Start the conversion

With all necessary settings, hit right-bottom "Convert" button to begin DVD to GOM Player readable file formats converion process.

Once finished, you can play the converted DVD movies on GOM Player smoothly without installing any third party codec.

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